Poême Wild Strawberry

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Write what you always wanted to say but never dared to. Sweet words of love that are wiped away with kisses. Don’t you know yet what passion tastes like?
Poême is a collection of body paintings with a pleasant . It has a natural feather with a silicone tip that will help you express your love on your partner’s body.

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Poême Wild Strawberry

We prepared a candle light dinner. He smiled at me saying that tonight we’re going to have a very special dessert.
When we finished dinner, he turned on the music and asked me to dance. After a few minutes, he looked into my eyes and unzipped my dress. I began to undo the buttons of his shirt... He showed me a jar for calligraphy ink, it was beautiful, and he was going to write on me what he had never dared to say to me. He laid me on the bed next to Poême and using my body as a canvas, he wrote thousands of words of love... I allowed myself to be carried away. I took the pen and stroked his body, his skin shivered all over and then it was my turn...
We erased the words with kisses, they were scrumptious. A treat for the senses!

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Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm

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