Sunset Glow – Wild Strawberry & Honey Body Powder

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Brilliant and kissable body powders highlight your skin’s natural beauty and turn you into the sweetest temptation. Edible and delicious, with no sugar, lactose or gluten. Illuminate the places where his lips will meet your skin, and unleash your sweetest and most seductive side.
The richness of honey and the fragrance of strawberries are blended into a full symphony of scents that come together in this sensual body powder.

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Sunset Glow – Wild Strawberry & Honey Body Powder

Inspired by the powders of the divas of Hollywood, with its spectacular applicator, a giant puff, and the finest illuminating particles on the market, it's the perfect gift.
Its starch base leaves your skin very soft, and its fine particles illuminate your skin with an iridescent effect and impregnate it with irresistible flavours. They highlight a tan and are perfect for illuminating your cleavage and shoulders.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm

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